Frequently Asked Questions (Long Term Care)


What is Long Term Care (LTC)?

LTC is a home-like facility that provides care and services for people who no longer are able to live independently or who require onsite nursing care, 24-hour supervision or personal support. LTC facilities are government-funded. Continuing Care Standards for Long Term Care Services are established and adherence is monitored by the Department of Health and Social Services.


Who is eligible for LTC?

  • Residents of the NWT who meet the eligibility requirements for the NWT's Health Insurance Plan (i.e. the person has a valid NWT Health Care Cared with an effective date preceding the date of the application).
  • NWT residents 60 years of age or older.
  • NWT residents who have been assessed as needing nursing care (Level 3/4 or Level 5) beyond what can safely and adequately be provided in the home or community setting.
  • If a person does not meet the age requirement, an application can be made to the Territorial Admissions Committee for an exception to the age limit in the following circumstances: 1) if there is no available supports to the individual in their home or community; and 2) if the individual's mental or physical condition requires a level of care that is appropriate for admission to long term care.

How do I apply for a bed?

  • Contact your local Health and Social Services Authority for assistance with completion of the application package found on this website.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Territorial Admissions Committee.

Where are these beds located?

  • Aven Cottages - Territorial Dementia Facility, Yellowknife, NT
  • Aven Manor, Yellowknife, NT
  • Fort Simpson Long Term Care, Fort Simpson, NT
  • H.H. Williams Memorial Hospital, Extended Care Unit, Hay River, NT
  • Inuvik Hospital, Long Term Care Unit, Inuvik, NT
  • Jimmy Erasmus Seniors Home, Behchoko, NT
  • Northern Lights Special Care Home, Fort Smith, NT
  • Stanton Territorial Hospital, Extended Care Unit, Yellowknife, NT
  • Woodland Manor, Hay River, NT

How long are the waiting lists?

  • Once applicants have been reviewed and approved for a LTC admission by the TAC, you will be placed on a waitlist for a bed at the first available and appropriate long term care facility.
  • It's extremely difficult to predict how long you will wait to be admitted. It may be within a few days or it may be up to 6 or more months.
  • Placement is based on the level of the clients assessed need and the organizations ability to respond to the individuals assessed needs and preferences.

What if a bed is not available when I need one?

  • There is a wide variety of community support services available, your case manager can help you access appropriate community services.
  • You will continue to receive existing supports.
  • Your current supports will be reviewed and may be adjusted to accommodate you for the interim.

Do all facilities offer the same quality of care?

Yes, all facilities follow the NWT Long Term Care Standards.


What is the appeal of process?

The applicant or applicants' family may appeal the decision in writing to the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services within seven (7) working days after receiving the committee's decision.


How much will this cost?

Long Term Care room and board rates are currently set at $772.00/month.

Additional fees may include costs for continence products, activity fees, hairdressing and medications not covered by your insurer, non insured health benefits, or extended health benefits.


What if I don't have the funds to pay?

Applicant or applicants' family may apply to the local Income Assistance Office for exemption of fee payment.

A client services officer, income assistance will complete a means assessment to assess the applicants eligibility for fee exemption.


Who will pay transportation costs if I'm placed in another community?

Presently, transportation costs to access long term care in another community is paid by the client and family. In situations where the individual is not able to pay the transportation costs requests for support are directed to the HSS Authorities. The Authorities have then made decisions on a case-by-case basis.