Territorial Admissions Committee

The Government of the Northwest Territories Territorial Admissions Committee (TAC) mandate is to ensure that no matter where seniors live in the Territory, quality and accessible continuing care services will be available.

TAC will streamline the admissions process by:

  • using a uniform assessment instrument, common definitions and common criteria for all long term care programs;
  • ensuring efficient and effective administration of applications for admission to long term care facilities;
  • overseeing one coordinated, prioritized placement list;
  • placing applicants as close to home as possible; and
  • maintaining an inventory of available beds.

TAC will provide a territory wide process for application and admission to NWT facilities. Establishing a single coordinated placement list will streamline the admissions process for seniors and provide a more accurate picture of the need for long term care beds, home care, and other health care services for seniors and others.


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