H7N9 Influenza

Currently there is a very low risk of getting H7N9 influenza in Canada. The strain of H7N9 influenza causing illness in China has not been found in birds (poultry) and humans in Canada. NWT health officials are working with their national and international counterparts in closely monitoring the H7N9 influenza situation in China.

For the latest information on H7N9 influenza, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website:

If you are planning to travel to China, please take some precautions like not touching birds or other animals, and washing your hands frequently. Also make sure that poultry and poultry products are fully cooked. Please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Travel Health website for up-to-date advice for travelers:

If you have additional questions that are not addressed by the above-mentioned online resources, please contact the following: