Placing Your Child for Adoption

Are you considering placing your child for adoption? The decision remains yours as to whether you keep your baby or choose adoption. If you are unsure whether adoption is the right choice for you, talk to a social worker.  There is a lot to think about, and the social worker can help. You will find out what your choices are so that you can make the best plan for your baby. A social worker will also provide the support you need to be the parent you want to be. 

Services may include:

  • temporary foster care while you consider other alternatives
  • counselling
  • parenting programs
  • housing
  • alcohol or drug treatment;
  • emotional support
  • referrals to other agencies.

To discuss the options available to you, call the Foster Care and Adoptions social worker at (867) 873-7276.  For more information please check out the Adoption Information for Birth Parents pamphlet.