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Counselling  services are available to clients of all ages who are experiencing challenges that impact their mental health.  If you have an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) or extended health benefits through your employer you will be asked to fully utilize those services before  accessing counselling services at Community Mental Health and Adult Services.

Requests for Mental health counselling services can be made by  various  sources  including:

  • Self referrals
  • Child and Family Services,  YHSSA
  • Practitioners such as physicians and nurse practitioners,
  • The emergency department  and specialist physicians at Stanton Territorial Hospital Inpatient psychiatric services
  • Outpatient psychiatric services

Self referrals can be made by contacting the Central Intake Counsellor at 867-767-9110.

 Requests for Outpatient psychiatric services are received from medical personnel including:

  • Practitioners such as physicians and nurse practitioners
  • The emergency department  and  specialist physicians  at  Stanton Territorial Hospital
  • Nurse in charge at community health centres

There are no self referrals directly to outpatient psychiatry. Outpatient psychiatric referrals are completed through medical practitioners only.  Once we receive a referral for outpatient psychiatric care we will contact you to book the earliest available appointment.